Custom Leather Design Patches

Leather patches are decorative elements often used on varsity jackets and sweaters, known for their plush, velvety texture and classic look. They typically consist of two layers: a felt bottom and a fuzzy top, resembling terry cloth, which can be customized with letters or designs. These patches add a personalized touch to apparel and are popular for representing school spirit, achievements, or individual. Our custom chenille patches are the perfect choice.

Custom Embroidery Design Patch

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Special Features

One of the most popular types of patches, custom-made embroidered patches are also among the most stylish and trendy patches. Get in touch now if you want high-quality, custom-design embroidered patches.

Engrave Patches

A heat or laser-engraved patch is the most common and economical choice for leather patches.

Emboss Patches

Adding a picture or some text that is debossed or embossed into your patch will give it a one-of-a-kind look.


Do you want to print a bright image on leather? UV printing on leather is no trouble; we can get it done quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sew on your leather patch since it is the most secure method. However, ironing on leather patches is also a good idea.

Although applying your chenille patch the right way requires some sewing skills, chenille patches are highly long-lasting and can be used with an iron. You can get more information regarding patch backing in our “Iron On Instructions” section.

It depends. We will use that if you ask us to use 100% genuine, high-quality leather. On the other hand, if you desire and ask us to use synthetic leather, we will use that.