Croc Chams Design Patches

Croc Jibbitz are delightful shoe charms designed for Crocs those colorful, lightweight clogs that have become a fashion statement. These Jibbitz come in various shapes, colors, and themes, allowing you to personalize your Crocs and express your individuality.

From cute animals and popular characters to food items and symbols, there’s a Jibbitz for everyone! You can easily swap them in and out, creating a custom design that reflects your style. Whether you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, Disney characters, or simple fruit shapes, Croc Chams add a fun touch to your footwear.

Custom Embroidery Design Patch

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Special Features

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Channel Croc Chams

Croc Chams are delightful shoe charms designed for Crocs—those colorful, lightweight clogs.

Dior Croc Chams

Dior Croc Chams combine the iconic design of Crocs with the luxury and high-fashion flair of Dior.

Parda Croc Chams

Croc charms wearer to express their style and make their footwear unique. There’s a wide variety of Croc charms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Croc charms, or Jibbitz, are small decorative pieces that can be attached to the ventilation holes of Crocs shoes to personalize them. They are designed to fit the standard holes on most Crocs footwear, but it’s always best to check compatibility.

Simply push them into the holes on the top or sides of your Crocs until they click into place. There are official Jibbitz made by Crocs and unofficial ones made by other companies.

They are available at official Crocs stores, online on the Crocs website, and from various other retailers and online marketplaces. While there are many pre-made designs available, some sellers offer custom-made charms for a personal touch.