Embriodery Patches
Custom embroidery patches are a versatile and durable option for branding and personalization. They enable detailed designs with a variety of color choices, suitable for uniforms, clubs, or events. These patches add a professional flair to any fabric and celebrate individuality or team spirit.
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Chenille Patches
Custom Chenille patches bring a classic, textured look to any garment, perfect for letterman jackets and sports uniforms. Their plush, velvety feel and rich colors make them stand out, offering a vintage vibe with modern customization. These patches are ideal for showcasing achievements, affiliations, or personal style with a touch of nostalgia.
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Woven Patches
Custom woven patches offer a smooth, flat finish with high-definition detailing for intricate logos and designs. They’re an excellent choice for a sleek, professional look on uniforms, hats, or bags. These patches provide a refined alternative to embroidery, ensuring clarity and precision for even the smallest text or image.
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Create Your Own Custom Patches

Experience the premium look of embroidery without the hefty price tag. Our custom embroidered patches let you effortlessly add your unique design to any piece of clothing, no matter the size, shape, or fabric. Perfect for personalizing jackets, hats, bags, and more, our patches are both durable and easy to apply.

Unleash your creativity and make your wardrobe truly one-of-a-kind with Patches Outlet. Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your favorite items or create standout statement pieces, our high-quality patches offer endless possibilities for customization and style.

Patches Gallery

Explore a wide array of patch styles to inspire your next project. Whether you’re designing logos, creating custom patches for a fitness center, or working on other creative endeavors, understanding the variety of patch styles available can enhance your designs. Browse through our collection to find the perfect style for your needs.

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Why Choose Patches Outlet?

Patch Type Featured Designs

With years of experience in creating custom patches for a variety of purposes, we offer a diverse range of the most sought-after iron-on and sew-on patch designs. Our expertise extends to crafting high-quality embroidered patches for numerous groups, organizations, teams, and events. Explore our featured designs to find the perfect patch type for your project.

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Patch Styles Featured Design

There’s a diverse range to choose from. Let’s explore some popular ones: These patches feature creating intricate images or logos with precise lettering. They’re durable, washable, and commonly used by sports enthusiasts, armed forces, and emergency services.  patches have a plush, textured appearance due to their raised yarn. Often used for varsity letters, sports teams, and school emblems, they provide a vintage and nostalgic feel.

Sports Patches

Boost your style game with our collection of sporty patches!

Fire Department

Elevate your style with collection of fire department patches!

Morale Patches

Boost morale with our unique and inspiring morale patches!

Iron on Patches

Boost morale with our unique and inspiring morale patches!

Military Patches

March in style with our military patches!


Carry your style with our trendy keychains!

Lapel Pin

Accessorize your suit with our chic lapel pins!


Rev up your style with our collection of motorbike patches!